Suffolk Police & Crime Commissioner’s Stay Safe Online Fund

Type Project costs
Status Closed
Applications accepted from social enterprises? Yes
Maximum £10,000 but where the work is transformational/countywide or supporting many schools (with agreement), a larger grant may be acceptable. Grants will not normally exceed 10% of an organisation’s total income


This is a one-off funding opportunity to help improve the understanding and consequences of Staying Safe Online along with the protection and awareness for young people.  A total fund of around £100,000 is available. 

  • Grants around £10,000 are available to support the work of voluntary and community groups, Charities, Social Enterprises and Community Interest Companies that are delivering services that help make Suffolk a safer place to live, work, travel and invest in.
  • Where the work is transformational/Countywide or supporting many schools (with agreement), a larger grant may be acceptable but only if a prior conversation has been held with a Grants Officer 01473 602602.
  • Applications may be considered (for this specific fund only) from PTAs or Friends of Schools where clear additionality is being provided to young people (particularly Years 5 & 6) above statutory provision and with the support of the voluntary sector (collaborative working), where teachers’ salary costs are not being requested.
  • National organisations may apply where they can prove there is no duplication of service in Suffolk and have a proven track record of delivery (evidence required).

Conditions of grant funding:

  • A grant would not normally exceed 10% of the organisation’s total income, however some exceptions may be allowed for start-up groups and grassroot organisations. Please call a Grants Officer before applying if your organisation falls outside of these criteria.
  • This fund runs alongside the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Fund (which replaces the Safer Suffolk Fund) and permits a grant to run concurrently if you have an active grant (received within the last year). You must contact a Grants Officer prior to submitting a grant if you are in receipt of an active grant.
  • Operational overheads can only be included where these form an integral part of the project delivery costs – reclaiming general, management and staffing/teaching overheads will not be accepted.

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner’s Fund is particularly seeking applications which demonstrate:

  • Working in partnership/collaboration especially with schools who have agreed to work with VCS organisations.
  • Working with hard to reach groups, young people with health conditions or poor emotional well-being, those with learning/physical disabilities or young carers.
  • Development of staff, equipping them with the skills and knowledge base required to respond adequately to the protection needs of children in the digital age.

All successful applicants will be required to participate in press/publicity activity.

Funding applications must address at least one of these key terms of reference:

  • Projects that are raising awareness and educating children/young people (especially school years 5 & 6) around digital safety (e.g. sexting, trolling, cyber bullying, sharing of sexual explicit images etc.)
  • Projects that work collaboratively or in partnership with other organisations in the wider community.
  • Supporting vulnerable groups of young people and in particular those with mental health conditions or poor emotional well-being, those with learning/physical disabilities, young carers, etc.
  • Supporting the roll out of the 360-degree safe self-assessment tool, especially within schools.
  • Engage with parents – face to face and via safe social media platforms.
  • Evidence organisations implementing/or taking steps to implement a clear Acceptable Users Policy for staff, volunteers, teachers, governors etc.
  • Children and young people are shown how to use social media safely, and helped to understand the long-term effects of misuse.
  • Staff training, specifically through the Marie Collins Foundation ‘THINK: Path to Protection’ training package[1].

All funding supported must show three clear measurable outcomes – i.e. as a result of the funding XX will happen, numbers/percentages of change are recommended to be used as outcome measurements.

Reference should also be made to the Police and Crime Plan for Suffolk 2017 – 2021, which supports four key objectives and will help to contextualise this grant funding programme.

It is recognised that VCS organisations play a significant role in tackling/supporting e-safety and therefore the fund is seeking strong applications from organisations which are providing support in partnership or collaboratively where links can also be made with/to:

  • Vulnerable people – who are or could be a target for crime.
  • Victims of crime – helping people cope with the immediate impact of the crime and recover from the harm caused – especially where partnerships are formed to support victims.
  • Hidden Harm – supporting those who are or could become a target for crime, cyber-crime, human trafficking, child sexual abuse.
  • Substance misuse – working with those who have drug and alcohol issues.
  • Preventing re-offending – working with those who offend to reduce re-offending.
  • Reducing crime and Anti-social behaviour – towards reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.


A full end of grant monitoring report will be expected at the end of the intervention. This will need to include benchmarking of the beneficiaries at the beginning and end of the service, i.e. how were they referred to the service, what crimes had been committed etc. Clear evidence of base line data, monitoring and reporting against these will be required.

You will also need to provide evidence of age appropriate resources.

If you are unsure about how to determine what the outcomes would be, please tell us about the inputs/outputs you will put in place, and the outcomes should come from these. As a general rule, think of the term “as a result of” when considering what the outcomes of the project will be.

Please note the outcomes also need to be aligned to the Police and Crime Plan.

What next?

If you feel that your proposal matches these priorities and would like to apply to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Stay Safe Online Fund we would ask you in the first instance, to telephone the Grants Team on 01473 602602 to discuss your proposed application. If it is agreed that you meet the fund criteria, you will be encouraged to complete a grant application form.

What we will not fund?

Please see our general exclusions here.

Support will be given by the Grants Team and specialist Online Safety experts on 21st August. To reserve your space please call 01473 602602.

Multi-Agency E-Safety Crime Prevention Report


[1] Staff development and training must be via the Marie Collins Foundation ‘THINK: Path to Protection’ training package. Further details can be obtained from the Marie Collins Foundation on 01765 688827. In the event that a grant is awarded for this purpose payment will be made directly to the Marie Collins Foundation by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

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