Giving where it has most impact

The greatest needs

A central part of our mission is to help individuals, families and businesses engage in effective and fulfilling philanthropy.

A significant benefit which the Foundation can offer its donors is our deep knowledge of the charitable sector across Suffolk and where exactly the social needs are greatest. We work from the grass roots level up and know which charities and community groups are working to tackle which issues head on, often in trying circumstances and with little or no outside help.

The life-line

Many of these groups are working with very limited financial resources but always with enormous contributions of goodwill, tenacity and passion. They are fragile communities but with enormous potential. A grant of precious funds from the Foundation can act as a life-line to them especially in testing economic times. Because of our hands-on approach to grant-making, our stakeholders expect to see the results:

  • in the expansion of key services to our communities
  • in improvements to neighbourhood support networks
  • in building greater capacity and efficiencies within our local charitable sector
  • in the championing of ideas and actions that make Suffolk a better place for everyone

“We’re really pleased to be working with Suffolk Community Foundation as we believe they are in the ideal position to ensure that our donation is put to the best possible use, having a long and well established record of helping support good causes in the area.”

John Hill, Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm project director
Leiston and Sizewell Community Benefit Fund



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