What are community foundations?

The heart of communities

Suffolk Community Foundation is one of 48 Community Foundations in the UK. Collectively they are the fastest growing UK-wide funders of local charities and voluntary organisations. They represent the only way for local people to give right to the heart of their communities wherever they live across Britain. They address the widest possible range of issues and intervene in the hardest to reach communities. In this respect community foundations offer a compelling message and fulfil a vital role.

A philanthropic hub

Community foundations do not compete with other local charities, but instead act as a hub to channel funds directly to them. They build endowment funds for local communities and generate pools of donors so that projects that enhance the quality of life and have lasting impact can be sustained. Together, they save community based charities time and money by managing multiple donor funds under one roof. This means that one grant application is able to access multiple funds.


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