Corporate Giving

Connecting businesses and the community

Many local businesses are working with us to help them to achieve their charitable and corporate social responsibility aims. Local corporate giving enables companies of all sizes to become actively involved in the communities in which their staff, customers and suppliers live, work and play.


Case Study: Best Of Suffolk

Holiday cottage company owners Alex and Naomi Tarry of Best of Suffolk chose to give through Suffolk Community Foundation for many reasons, including grant-making expertise, community knowledge and quality services. For Best of Suffolk, the Foundation provided the convenience and flexibility they needed in a charitable vehicle.

As Naomi explains:

“We wanted to put something back into our community – we love Suffolk, we believe in its future and we want to be a part of making it better.  Working with Suffolk Community Foundation is a great fit because both organisations are committed to supporting the local voluntary sector and to making a difference to the lives of people with hidden needs in our local communities.  The staff at the Foundation have expert knowledge and understanding of local needs and priorities, and we can relax knowing that all administration of applications, grant awards and monitoring are dealt with by the Foundation.”

Not only is Best of Suffolk supporting people who live in their local community but they are also raising awareness amongst their customers of community foundations and their role in building thriving communities throughout the UK.


If your local business would like to find out more about developing a corporate fund and take advantage of match funding to help your local community, please contact Tim Holder, Development Director at the Foundation on 01473 786916.

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