Unlocking local assets

Liberate funds for good

As someone who cares about your community, you may be aware of a local trust that may have become dormant or inactive. If so, perhaps we can help to liberate these funds so that they can support people in your community.

Often trusts or charities become dormant or semi-dormant, or even ineffective, due to circumstances far beyond the control of the original trustees, such reasons may include:

  • Many of these funds may be insufficient to effectively carry out their purposes, or may have out-of-date “objectives” so that the funds are increasingly unused.
  • The original remit of the charity or fund may no longer be applicable, as circumstances may have changed, or maybe the intended beneficiaries have passed away.
  • Maybe the trustees are no longer able to adequately manage the fund, or the fund has become more work than is practical, but are reluctant to close the charity or trust down due to the volume of work involved or through their own sense of duty.

In all of these cases we can offer assistance. Our aim is to work with trustees to unlock and enhance dormant and inactive charitable assets so that they meet real and current needs within neighbourhoods and communities across the county.

Donations from a Charitable Trust may be eligible for match funding if the Trust has become dormant or is not operating as effectively as it might.

If you require any further information or would like, in confidence, to discuss a specific situation, please contact Tim Holder, Development Director at the Foundation on 01473 786916.

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